Our Capturing Technology
Nanosens Innovations proprietary bio-capturing methods and technologies makes graphene biosensors capture and therefore measure nucleotides (DNA, RNA and other nucleotide-based compounds.) With the Nanosens capture methods you can signal-optimize your biosensor assay to gain quick and precise insight to samples and biology of interest.

Our first capture technology series ready for production and productization is the www.crispr-chip.com
Partnership with Cardea Bio
Our capturing technologies are built on top of our partnership with Cardea Bio and their graphene biosensor technology .Cardea Bio is the first and only commercial scale graphene sensor platform in the world, and via an exclusive development partnership, Nanosens has now built specialized capturing methods that enable the combined tech platform to detect DNA, RNA and other nucleotides constructs like e.g. aptamers or protein-nucleotide interactions. This means you can now buy specialized Cardea Bio graphene biosensors that can be functionalized so they detect almost any kind of liquid biomarker or analyte you would like to measure in real time.