At Nanosens Innovations Inc. we build nanosize capturing technologies and combined them with ultra sensitive biosensor technology, and that way opening up a brand new way of insight to what is happening in the biology in and around us.
Bringing Precision to Precision Medicine

Ultra Sensitive Biosensors for you and your business

Building on the Cardea Bio graphene biosensor technology platform we are developing, multiplexing and customizing new applications with our partners to gain insight to interesting biology via the most relevant DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolites. 

With Nanosens as their tech development partner, people are for the first time able to develop and produce customized graphene biosensors that has properties and features that the world have never seen before:

  • Real time omics tests
  • Combined DNA, RNA & protein tests
  • Ultra sensitivity via Graphene
  • Scales from a mini handheld size to high through-put robotics